6 Advantages of Vaping without Nicotine

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One of the many advantages that comes with Vaping is having the full flexibility to dictate and choose what Nicotine strength you have in your vape juice. You can choose a strength that is relevant to how many cigarettes you used to smoke, which means your cravings for Nicotine will be subsided well enough by the nicotine contained within your vape juice.

By choosing your nicotine strength, you’re in full control of how little or how much nicotine is in your vape juice, but you don’t necessarily have to have Nicotine in your vape juice, and can choose a Nicotine free vape juice to enjoy. But why do people do this? Are there actually any benefits to vaping without Nicotine?

Absolutely yes there is! And in this blog, I’m going to look at what I believe to be the top 6 advantages of vaping without nicotine. Let’s get into it!

1 – Vaping without nicotine means there’s no chance of getting a nicotine addiction

It goes without saying really, but Vaping is considerably safer than smoking, 95% safer than smoking to be exact according to Public Health England! This is down to the fact that a lit cigarette contains over 7000 different chemicals that are then inhaled and ingested into the body. With vaping, there are next to no chemicals present when compared to smoking, thus making it safer. However, it isn’t completely “risk free”

Nicotine that is found in cigarettes is a highly addictive chemical that people can form an addiction and dependency on with relative ease unfortunately. And once this addiction has set in, it’s not the easiest thing to overcome BUT it is not impossible. Using an e-cigarette to help the process of quitting smoking can make it a lot easier, as you can pick your nicotine strength and then begin to wind it down over time once the dependency subsides.

However, if a person opts to use nicotine free vape juice, there’s no risk of becoming addicted to Nicotine if they previously had not been using Nicotine in the past. So a benefit of vaping without nicotine means there is no chance of an addiction being formed!

Also, a bit of advice, if you see a vape juice bottle and it’s sold as 0mg but still has THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN NICOTINE on it, like what’s pictured below, this doesn’t mean that it does actually contain Nicotine. The labels have to be put on as part of the regulations of the Tobacco Products Directive that was introduced in 2016. Just because the labels say it MAY contain nicotine, doesn’t necessarily mean it does!

Sweet Flavour Eliquid

2 – Give your sweet tooth a treat by vaping without nicotine

Did you know? Many people will choose vaping without nicotine to help curb their cravings for something sweet?

Vaping can help produce a psycho sematic sensation that will scratch the itch for something sweet, by choosing to vape a sweet vape juice will stop the mindless snacking and cravings for something sweet. It sounds crazy but I do know people that do this!

It’s quite well known that bingeing on sugary foods or drinks is not good for the body, so choosing to vape a nice sweet vape juice is probably considerable safer than constantly picking at sugary foods which aren’t good for you. Whilst it hasn’t been proven that Vaping without Nicotine is completely risk free, it’s a sure shot safer than excess sugary foods!

Vape69 Shortfill Bottles on a stand

3 – You can get larger bottles of cheap vape juice that is Nicotine Free!

The price of vape juice is relatively cheap, and it’s especially cheaper than what the price of smoking is! But what is an even better option for getting cheap vape juice is to buy Shortfills, which are large bottle of vape juice that comes as nicotine free.

As I’ve previously mentioned, the Tobacco Products Directive was introduced to the UK in 2016 in a bid to regulate the tobacco and e-cigarette industry, and within these regulations introduced was the law that any bottles larger than 10ml in capacity must NOT contain nicotine.

The loophole was found and created by vape juice manufacturers that they could produce larger bottles of e-liquid, and supply the nicotine shots separately for the customer to add in themselves, and this way, no laws are being broken and the regulations remain adhered to. Or people could choose not to add in the nicotine in if they were opting for vaping without nicotine.

With shortfills, they normally are 60/100/200ml in size and completely nicotine free. And you get a lot of vape juice for your money for sure! Where a 10ml bottle of vape juice from us here at Vape69 will cost you 69p, for just £4 more, you can get one of our 100ml Shortfills for just £4.69. That’s 10 times the amount of e-liquid for just another £4! BARGAIN!

4 – It won’t be harsh on your throat when you vape

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical as I’ve already mentioned, but it can also be quite harsh on the throat, especially if using a high nicotine content vape juice. Some people will falter at the first hurdle of vaping, and get a vape juice that is too strong for them, and it will be very harsh on their throat, and likely put them off wanting to continue to vape.

Opting for vaping without nicotine will eliminate any worries of this happening to you, as the nicotine won’t be present in the vape juice so it’s not going to be harsh when you vape, and will be relatively smooth and flavoursome!

The other primary ingredients of vape juice is Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol with VG being commonly used in various cough medicines and food items. PG may be a little bit harsher out of the two, so it’s best to use a balanced mix or high VG mix vape juice to really eliminate any concerns of it being harsh.

young female vaping without nicotine

5 – Vaping without nicotine gives your body a break from Nicotine

If you do have Nicotine in your vape juice, then choosing to use a Nicotine free e-liquid is probably not a bad idea from time to time, as this will give your body a chance to reset and have a break from taking Nicotine on board.

If you’re a bit of a heavy vaper, you might find that you get a bit “Nic Sick” from puffing on your vape too much and when you start feeling like this, look at it as this is your body telling you it’s had enough nicotine and to have a break! And vaping without nicotine is probably going to be a welcome change for you.

If you think you can’t survive without having a puff during this break period, opt to use a nicotine free vape juice that you’ve hopefully got on hand, and this means you can then carry on vaping, whilst also giving your body a break from Nicotine that is probably wanting!

6 – Zero Nicotine vape juice is the end goal!

Getting over a nicotine addiction is not an easy thing to do as I mentioned, but it is not impossible and it can be done. With the right amount of desire and willpower to do it, plus using vape juice that contains nicotine, it can be done!

As I mentioned at the very start of this article, one of the big advantages of vaping is having full control over how much Nicotine you have in your vape juice and what goes into your body. You’ll want to start off on a nicotine strength that is best suited for you based on how many cigarettes you smoked a day, and gradually over time you can start to dwindle this strength down from say 12mg to 6mg to 3mg and ultimately 0mg!

There’s no set time frame on how long this should take, it might take you 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, it really doesn’t matter as it’s all down to you and the time you give yourself to do it! But reaching that ultimate end goal of vaping zero nicotine vape juice will feel so good after you’d previously been dependant on Nicotine!

You can then quit vaping completely from this point, or carry on vaping without nicotine if you enjoy the flavours, it’s completely up to you!

I hope this blog has been helpful to you and cleared up any questions or doubts over the benefits of vaping zero nicotine vape juice. And don’t forget to check out our range of great tasting 0mg 100ml Shortfills, available for just £4.69!

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