5 Reasons why people prefer Nic Salts and Bar Salts

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Nicotine Salts, Bar Salts, Freebase E-Liquid, there’s a quite common debate within the vaping world amongst vapers over what vape juice they prefer, and arguably which is “better” to use, especially when it comes to Freebase nicotine vape juice vs Nicotine Salt vape juice. Whilst I don’t believe there is one better than the other, as both do have their fair share of positives, others will disagree and rule over that Nicotine Salts are better.

In this article, I’m going to look at 5 reasons why people prefer to use Nicotine Salts or Bar Salts over traditional freebase nicotine vape juice, and why you should consider using them also if you haven’t already done so!

1 – Faster absorption rate

Did you know? Nicotine Salts absorb into the bloodstream quicker than normal freebase nicotine.

It’s one of the primary reasons why people do tend to use Nicotine or Bar Salts over the standard Freebase vape juice. How this is done all comes down to how nicotine salts are made, and the science behind it.

Nicotine/Bar Salts are made by reducing the pH levels found in Nicotine, by adding a weak acid mixed with it, like benzoic acid being the most commonly used one (don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe) and in the act of doing this and making them a touch more acidic, this means it will react within the body quicker, and absorb faster thus giving a stronger punchier kick of nicotine once you inhale. The time frame is estimated to be around less than half the time that it takes for Freebase to absorb, so it’s pretty useful if you’re wanting a quick nicotine fix!

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And with the pH levels being lowered, this makes it less harsh on the throat, meaning you’ll get a smooth vape every single time you use nicotine salts.

2 – It’s the same vape juice what is used in Disposable Vapes

There’s no denying that Disposable Vapes are the most popular device amongst adults wanting to vape currently. If you didn’t already know, the vape juice used inside Disposables is actually Nicotine Salt, normally a 20mg nicotine content (although 0mg and weaker strengths are also available)

People have now started ditching the Disposables, and for good reason, and moving on to a refillable vaping device where they will opt to use Nicotine Salt vape juice that is a similar flavour as the previous Bar Salts used in Disposables as their vape juice of choice. This means they will be able to vape the same nicotine strength and juice that they had previously been accustomed to.

DID YOU KNOW? We now do our own range of Nicotine salts, inspired by the flavours used in Disposable Vapes.

Our 10ml Disposable Vape flavour range called Vape Bar Nic Salts offers great value for money, giving you 10ml of UK made premium vape juice for less than half the price of a Disposable Vape!

Vape Bar Salts feature 16 different mouth-watering flavours and are available in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength! Using these will be a much more cost-efficient way of vaping than constantly buying Disposables that will run out after a day!

3 – Higher nicotine content can be used without it being harsh

Bar Salts are commonly marketed in two different strengths, 10mg and 20mg nicotine levels. You’ve probably seen previously seen nicotine vape juice available at 18mg, and if you’re like me, curiosity got the better of you and you’ve had a puff of 18mg to see what all the fuss is about. If you’ve done this, you’ll know it’s so harsh on the throat, it’s practically not able to be vaped if you are not use to a high nicotine concentration level.

I was dubious of using 20mg nicotine salts when they first came out, but I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t harsh at all, and I could comfortably vape a 20mg nicotine salt. With this higher nicotine content as well, it means that you’ll be satisfied after a couple of puffs, meaning you won’t go through vape juice as quickly and will make your bottles of juice last even longer!

Vape Bar Salts Range

4 – More flavour more enjoyment!

It’s widely believed that Nicotine/Bar Salts carry much more flavour than standard freebase nicotine, and from my experience of using both of them, I would side on the fact that Bar Salts do have much more flavour than standard freebase nicotine vape juices.

This again comes down to the fact that the acid used to bring down the pH levels will help enhance the flavour a lot more, which is obviously not included in traditional freebase vape juice.

When people vape, they’ll want to get the most flavour possible out of their juice, which is why Nicotine Salts are more leaned on as the go to option.

5 – They can make quitting smoking much easier

A large majority of current vapers today in the UK are ex-smokers who have turned to vaping as their Nicotine Replacement therapy option, and they’ve definitely made the right choice! And with the popularity of Nicotine and Bar Salts today, a lot of people are using these as their first vape juice they try when attempting to quit smoking.

Taking into account all of the above mentioned, they really are a good option for people who are looking to convert from smoking to vaping and keeping it that way. When you first start vaping, you’ll want to pick a nicotine strength that’s similar to the number of cigarettes you smoked prior, and there is a lot of trial and error involved with getting the right nicotine strength. You might find what you pick not strong enough, or too strong and it’ll be too harsh on your throat, and you then may be put off wanting to continue vaping.

With Nicotine Salts, they are made to be purposefully smoother on the throat, as well as providing a punchier nicotine kick resembling what you get when smoking a cigarette, so opting to use Nicotine or Bar Salts as your first vape juice is absolutely the right thing to consider when making the switch.

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