5 Reasons to DITCH Disposable Vapes 

Top 5 Reasons to Ditch Disposable Vapes

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5 Reasons to DITCH Disposable Vapes

Do you use Disposable Vapes? Tired of spending a fortune on devices only fill your bin with them? We’re here to help……..

Disposables have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last 12-18 months, with many people opting to use them instead of a traditional refillable e-cigarette, like pod systems.

Disposable Vapes are a good option for people who are wanting to try vaping to quit smoking, they are convenient…. just grab one and go, no changing coils or refilling with vape juice, but they do have several flaws.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should consider ditching disposables if you use them.

Disposable Vapes can be expensive


Did you know a device can cost anywhere from £4 to £6!

If you’re a heavy vaper, then you can get though a disposable vape every day. While most claim to be at least “600 puffs” this sometimes isn’t always accurate, and they will run out fairly quickly, leaving you needing to shell out yet another £5 on a device not long after you’ve bought this one.

If you’re buying a Disposable Vape every day, then this will equate to £35 a week just on Disposables! Whereas if you’re like me that uses a refillable device, I spend £2.50 on a coil that will last me a week minimum, and £2.58 on two bottles of Vape Bar Salts which will last me all week, meaning I’ll be spending just over £5 on my weekly vape supplies, which is nearly the same price of one Disposable that lasts just a day! No brainer really to pick the more cost-effective option don’t you think?

Selection of Disposable Vape

You can’t recycle most Disposable Vapes

Another big problem with Disposables which has led to much despair amongst anti vape campaigners, and environmentalists is the fact that a large majority of Disposable Vapes are not recyclable and causing huge problems to the environment by our landfills filling up with even more single use plastics being added each month, reported to be in the millions.

Disposable Vapes cannot be recycled due to the fact they contain a small lithium-ion battery and carry the risk of combustion if put under pressure within a recycling plant and their machinery they use.

Inside a Disposable Vape Battery

Some manufacturers of these Disposables have started to offer a recycling programme where users can send their spent Disposables back for the companies to dismantle and recycle them, but not enough of this is being done, especially with the popularity of the devices hitting record highs.

Despite these efforts being made, Disposable Vapes do still remain a very unsustainable way of vaping when it comes to the environment.

Colourful Disposable Vape Device

Most Disposable Vapes use unregulated E-Liquid

DID YOU KNOW? Nearly all of the popular brands of Disposable E-Cigarettes are manufactured in China. Bet you didn’t know that…

The most popular brand on the market, Elfbar, was founded in China and all of its operations take place there and the items are then exported from the country for sale here in the UK.

In China, they do not have any regulations or legislations to adhere to when it comes to making e-liquid, like what we have here in the UK under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

This means that the e-liquids used in the Disposables are unregulated and may contain sweeteners and additives that are banned from being included in vape juice made right here in the UK.

More than likely, this means that the quality levels will be sub-par, so it really is worth considering choosing a high-quality UK made vape juice so you know exactly what you are vaping!

No way of determining when your vape device will run out

Do you know the most annoying thing about using a Disposable? Having to guess when it’s going to run out, and it normally happens at the most inconvenient timing also!

Disposable such as the popular Elfbar or Geekbar’s do not have any indicator on them to give you an insight of when the device is going to stop working, how much juice is left in them, or how long your battery has left before it runs flat.

Whilst they do have an LED light on, this only flashes when the device has stopped working and can be very inconvenient if you’re out and about and have no access to purchase a replacement. Some devices now feature a “window” design which shows the amount of the vape juice remaining, but not many of them feature this and instead leaves the users to just “guesstimate” when the device might stop working.

Majorly inconvenient and can be very frustrating when it runs out and you don’t have a backup option to turn to!

As with anything that gets popular on the market, it’s quite commonly counterfeited by pirate companies looking to make a quick buck, just using illegal methods. Anything from designer handbags, trainers, games console controllers, and even now Disposable Vapes are being counterfeited in the millions.

And the worst thing is, they’re being sold to unsuspecting customers, and this could lead to serious problems for the buyer, with no care given by the pirates making their money with manufacturing these.

2022 saw multiple raids on independent businesses in the UK, carried out by Trading Standards Agencies, confiscating thousands upon thousands of illicit counterfeit disposable vaping devices, which were being promoted and sold illegally as they either contained more vape juice than legally allowed, or the nicotine content was much higher than the regulated amount permitted.

The shops being raided were not authorised vaping retailers, instead they were mostly mobile phone repair shops, convenience stores or bargain discount shops.

These shops were selling these devices without care to unsuspecting customers and the potential outcomes of these devices being used could have been catastrophic, especially with the dangerously high volumes of nicotine contained within them. Especially if it was used by someone with a very low tolerance to nicotine as it could lead to serious health effects.

This is why it is crucial that you always buy your vaping products from a reputable legitimate vape shop, either in person, or online, and always be sure to check the authenticity of your products with the QR codes normally printed on the packaging.

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