100ml Vape Juice – Shortfills explained

100ml Shortfill Bottle

Shortfills explained

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about 100ml Shortfill Vape Juice. From where they get their name, to how long they last and what the benefits are.

Why are 100ml bottles called shortfills?

The term shortfill comes from the design of the bottle and how much liquid it contains. Bottles are 100ml in size, but normally filled with 80ml of nicotine free e-liquid, leaving enough space in the bottle to add in up to 20ml of nicotine to make what nicotine strength you may desire. For example, adding in two 20mg nicotine shots to 80ml of vape juice will make it to a 3mg nicotine strength. Meaning that the bottle is not filled to its volume but is in fact short filled.

How long does a 100ml vape juice last?

There is not an exact number on how long a bottle of liquid will last a person, as it varies based on how much the person vapes. Other factors like the coil resistance, the power of the device and what the wattage is set at will play a large part towards it. If using a high powered vape device, it will use more e-liquid as the higher heat will vaporise the juice quicker than a lower powered device.

Generally speaking, a 100ml bottle could last someone anywhere from 3 days to 14 days, but on average, a bottle should normally last someone 7 days.

Coil resistance and how it affects the longevity of your vape liquid

The strength, or resistance as its otherwise known of your coil within your vaping device plays a huge part in the longevity of your e-liquid.

Traditionally, shortfill bottles are used to fill Sub Ohm tanks used for Direct to Lung vaping. These tanks use sub ohm coils (0.9 ohms or lower) and are designed to be used at high wattage. These coils normally heat up a lot quicker than coils over 1.0hms and will cause you to get through vape liquid a lot quicker. That’s why we have priced our Shortfills at £4.69 to offer even more value for money.

Frequency of vaping and it affects your Vape Juice

It goes without saying that if you use your vape frequently, you will go through bottles of e-liquids a lot quicker.

You can easily track your liquid intake by the size of your tank and how often you refill it. With the TRPR legislations that came into effect in 2016, all vape tanks sold within the UK must not be larger than a 2ml capacity. So, if you filled up your tank 5 times in a day, you’re vaping 10ml of liquid per day. This is quite a high volume of liquid you’re consuming, and you may want to look into how frequently you’re using your vape to extend the longevity of your liquid and coils.

Vape69 100ml Shortfill Vape Juice Range

What are the benefits of Shortfill Vape Juice?

There are a few positive benefits to using shortfill e-liquids.

  • Kinder to the environment – Rather than having 10 empty 10ml bottles, having just the one empty 100ml bottle will be less waste and less recycling.
  • Control over nicotine strength – You can decide exactly what nicotine strength you want your vape liquids by adding in the nicotine yourself.
  • It works out cheaper! At Vape69 we offer cheap 100ml Shortfill Vape Juice for only £4.69 which includes two free Nic Shots. This works out at only 47p per 10ml of e-liquid.

How much nicotine is in 100ml of e-liquid?

TPD/TRPR legislations that were brought in in 2015 state that all bottles of liquid sold that contain nicotine must be no larger than 10ml in size.

Therefore, all 100ml bottles of e-liquid will be zero nicotine/nicotine free, and you will have to add nicotine shots to the desired strength yourself.

Bottles larger than 10ml that contain nicotine can be sold in other countries due to the laws being different to ours in the UK. But if any sellers in the UK were to sell these, they would be breaking the law.

You can add your own nicotine to your shortfill vape juice, these are normally called Nicotine Shots or Nic Shots for short. These are generally sold in 18mg or 20mg nicotine strengths. Available to buy from us at Vape69 as either a 5050 nic shot or as a Nic Shot HVG

Making your own homebrew liquid explained

“Homebrew” is a term in vaping for liquid that is made by someone within their home by combining all the separate ingredients that go into making vape liquid and creating larger bottles of juice themselves at a lower cost than buying 100ml premade bottles at retail.

Vape Juice is up of 4 main ingredients – Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycine, Flavourings and Nicotine. Because Shortfills are more than 10ml they are not allowed to be sold containing Nicotine. I’ve written an article that explains more about this in depth which is available for you to read. 

Is making your own vape juice worth the cost and effort?

Making your own homebrew liquid certainly does have its advantages when it comes to the cost and how much you can make for the money.

However, the effort that goes into it could outweigh the positives of costings. When making liquid, most people have to follow strict recipes to create the flavours they want, as well as a specific “steeping” time, which is the time it takes for the flavourings to settle into the VG/PG mix.

If these things are not followed correctly, there is a high chance that the e liquid will not taste correctly, meaning that the time and effort the consumer had put in to making this has been wasted.

I’ve written a more Indepth article surrounding this subject which you can check out and read after this one! 

At Vape69, all our shortfills are made in our flavour house, using vape save flavourings, and following recipes we have created ourselves. We ensure the shortfill bottles are steeped for the right amount of time to produce the perfect tasting vape liquid before we put them on sale.

By the time you have bought all the individual ingredients you won’t be saving much when our premade shortfill e-liquids are only £4.69 for a 100ml bottle.

100ml Shortfill Bottles of Vape Juice

How long before vape liquid goes off

Storing your vape liquid correctly is essential, and if stored incorrectly can enhance the rate of which it oxidises. Always store you vape juice bottles in a dark cool place, and not anywhere warm/hot or in direct sunlight. These are the two main contributing factors to vape liquid change flavour and colour.

How much will I be spending on vape juice every month?

The answer to this question varies from person to person based on how much they vape. As we have previously discussed, a bottle of 100ml shortfill e liquid could last someone up to 7-14 days. Someone could spend around £20 a month on 100ml shortfill e-liquid.

If the person wanted to make their own vape liquid, they’d need to invest in empty bottles, measuring jugs, VG, PG, concentrates, and nicotine. All of these factors are essential and would soon add up cost wise.

If I make my own vape juice, where would I get nicotine?

You should always buy your nicotine from reputable vape companies within the UK, as this guarantees that it has passed all necessary tests to comply with the TPD legislations. Buying nicotine from non-reputable companies could mean it has not gone through any checks and tests.

It is essential you buy high quality nicotine shots as poor nicotine can ruin vape liquid as well as being very harsh on your throat. It is illegal for a member of the public to buy nicotine in more than 20mg strength.

How can I add nicotine to vape juice?

Adding nicotine to vape juice is really simple. All you need to do is remove the cap off the 100ml shortfill bottle and pour the nicotine in to the vape liquid. Put the cap back on the 100ml bottle and give it a vigorous shake to ensure the nicotine mixes properly with the liquid. Here are Vape69 we have easy to open shortfill bottle caps that flip up for ease of use.

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