Why is the price of each bottle only 69p?

Save Money with Vape69

A small question with a big answer. 

Our founders have been in the vaping business for almost a decade. They were there in the very first wave of vaping manufacturers that realised that vaping was an option for smokers that should be taken seriously. What wasn’t always taken seriously in the industry, was safety. 

That doesn’t fly with us. We’re committed to making the safest e-liquids possible and we’ve invested in the facility that makes it a reality.

Welcome to the best vaping facility in the world.

A bold claim, but we’re making it. 

The thing about being obsessed with making the safest e-liquid on the market is that things snowball. You start by deciding that everything needs to be tested and mixed in ISO Clean Rooms (which is the same level of hygiene that pharmaceuticals are made at, by the way) or deciding that every single bottle of e-liquid you sell has to be tested before it leaves your doors. You decide never to settle for second rate equipment, machinery or mixing processes, ever. 

One thing leads to another and you can end up with one of the best vaping manufacturing facilities in Europe. Like us.

Our site is based in the North of England and it’s one of the most cutting edge vaping specific factories in Europe. We’re dead proud of it. 

It’s also crucial to how we’re able to be 69p.

The how

Where most brands ship their products from overseas, we make everything on site in the UK Vape69 manufacturing facility. There are lots of technical reasons why this makes manufacturing vape liquid cost effective. No import taxes. No overseas shipping agent fees. A stable UK supply chain. Being able to test on site instead of sending our liquids out to third party labs. Being able to manufacture on a large scale for efficiency.

They aren’t necessarily that exciting to talk about, but they do all add up to make it a dream for us to produce high quality e-liquids at reasonable prices. 

We’ve worked hard and smart to keep our costs down so that we can sell premium e-liquid at a price that you’ll want to shout about. Win win.

Now for the why.

If you’re making the switch, we applaud you.

Seriously. It’s not easy.

You’ve done your research. You’ve found your motivation –  maybe it’s having the lung capacity to get back to playing 5-a-side, maybe you’re doing it for your kids. You’ve probably bought yourself a vaping device. You’ve also probably told your friends not to give you a cigarette no matter how much you drink or how much you beg. 

And now you’re here, looking for e-liquid to fuel that journey.  

Getting yourself to this point was the hard part. We’re here to keep the road ahead smooth. 

We’re 100% committed to making the best quality e-liquid possible and keeping it at the most accessible price for the heroes that are trying to make a change for their health, their friends & family and themselves. 

So that’s why we’re always 69p. Because we can be. And because you deserve it to be.