Whet your appetite with Vape69’s flavour selection

Strawberry Eliquid

Vaping is all about the liquid. And liquid is our speciality. 

Our mission at V69 is to make our e-liquids not just the most affordable on the market, but the safest. They’re also jam packed full of flavour.

We’ve got a great variety of e-liquids here at V69. Seriously, our catalogue is full to the brim with rich and satisfying flavours. You won’t believe just how good they are.

Looking for something fruity? We’ve got all the flavours in the fruit bowl. Strawberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berries, Blue Raspberry; we’ve got all your berries and cherries. Or how about Green Apple? Mango? Orange? We stock way more than just your typical five a day.   

We’re not lying when we say we’ve got a candy store of flavours for you to try. Who needs a sweet shop when you can buy vape liquid that tastes of Lemon Sherbet, Rhubarb & Custard, and Pear Drops? If you want the taste of American candy, try our Blue Sour Slush or Strawberry Shake. We even do a cherry cola bottle flavour to complete candy shop staples.

If you’re still looking for that satisfying tobacco flavour, we’ve also got your back. Our American and British Tobacco flavours can offer you that familiar tobacco taste. We’ve also got Virginia Tobacco and Premium Tobacco flavour liquids to suit any tastes. 

Looking for menthols? No problem. We offer a Single and a Double Menthol flavour liquid, as well as a range of cooling ices including our best-selling Strawberry Ice.

I’m new to vaping, what flavour should I start with?

Well, that’s up to you. There’s a reason there’s so much variety in our flavour catalogue – so you can have the choice. Start simple, then work your way outside the box. Life’s too short to just try one flavour, and we think even the most seasonal of vapers should mix it up from time to time.

We believe our flavours are the most important part of vaping. The nicer the taste, the more likely a successful switch from to vaping. And with a flavour offering as good as ours, we know you’ll never go back.