Who and What is Vape69? Let us explain!

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V69 is your new favourite e-liquid brand. Our motto is: Lowest cost. Highest safety. Best flavour. And we mean it. Founded by industry experts with both years of experience and many successful existing vape brands, V69 is a new vaping brand with values. 


Safety is our strength. The big benchmark for vape safety are the ongoing studies that independent health body Public Health England are conducting over many years. At the moment they estimate vaping to be an average of 95% safer than smoking. We’re not interested in being average. It’s not in our nature to settle for anything less than the best. We want to raise the bar from 95% to as close to 100% as possible. It’s our mission to make the safest e-liquids in the world. Read more about our pledge to safety here*.


Flavour is our forte. Once you start vaping with V69, we know you’ll never look back. We have years of experience making award-winning, best-selling liquids and our V69 selection uses only our best recipes. Our close relationship with one of the best flavour houses in the country is just one of the ways we’re a cut above the rest in flavour, intensity and blend. We’re always listening to customer feedback and are constantly striving to make every flavour as mouth watering as they can be.


Price is our USP. We pride ourselves on affordability. We work smart to keep costs low and then pass them on so that customers are rewarded for their trust in us and their loyalty in the brand. It’s central to our brand’s mission to provide safe, affordable e-liquid to anyone who wants to switch. We like our customers and we don’t mess them around. It’s not a PR stunt. When we say costs will always stay low, we mean it. You can hear more about why we’re 69p here**.

So there you  have it. The core values that drive us. They all pay into our dream of creating safe, flavoursome and affordable vaping liquids that are accessible to anyone. Including yourself. 

Shop our e-liquid range*** today and see how we’re raising the bar.