Get a look at the best Vape69 tobacco e-liquid flavours

Vape69 Tobacco Flavoured Eliquids and tobacco leaf

Because of the familiar taste of tobacco, our tobacco e-liquid flavours are some of our most popular vape juices. And while many vapers are quick to delve into other flavour profiles like candy and sweet flavours, or fruity blends and juice flavours, our tobacco e-juice remains a popular choice for both beginner vapers, and those who have been part of the vaping community for a long time.

However, a good tobacco e-liquid is hard to come by – and not many vaping companies have what it takes to recreate the great and meticulously crafted realistic tobacco flavour that vapers crave. Not us though. At V69, our tobacco blends have been so well designed, tested, modified and perfected, that you’ll find it hard to believe you’re not smoking a real cigarette. 

Below, we’ve picked out some of our best tobacco e-liquid flavours, so you’re guaranteed to find your own perfect blend of tobacco vape juice.

British Tobacco

Just like how all our products are made locally in a state of the art vaping factory, our British Tobacco e-liquid offers the best of British vaping. Our most popular tobacco vape juice, this mellow tobacco flavour is one for the purists and gives a gentle reminder of what we used to love about smoking – but this time, without the dangerous carcinogens.   

Virginia Tobacco

If you miss rolling tobacco, our Virginia Tobacco e-liquid will be right up your alley. With a distinctive taste and an iconic tobacco flavour, this tobacco vape juice is perfect if you’re missing your pouch of baccy!

American Tobacco

Do you remember what it was like when everyone smoked Lites? That’s the vibe we went for when we made our American Tobacco vape juice. With a rich and flavoursome toasted flavour, and a smooth mellow exhale with a sweet finish, this familiar taste of tobacco guarantees a good vapour, and just enough throat hit to make switching from cigarettes a distant memory. 

Sweet Tobacco

Our Sweet Tobacco e-liquid still has a great tobacco flavour, but we’ve also added mellow burnt caramel notes to subtly sweeten it. With a super smooth finish and a wholesome hit – there’s a reason it’s one of our favourite tobacco vape juices.

Premium Tobacco

Before the cigarette prices skyrocketed, premium cigs didn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our Premium Tobacco e-liquid replicates that exact pleasure, but without burning a hole in your pocket – or in your lungs. With caramellike, nutty nuances that’ll give you a very smooth draw and a great throat blast, enjoy an unbeatable aromatic experience with our premium tobacco blend.  

Throat Hits with Tobacco Flavours

Now you’ve chosen the best tobacco e-liquid, you can get on to mastering the perfect throat hit. The easiest way to control your throat hit is by adjusting your nicotine strengths, but flavours can also affect it too. For a smoother and sweeter throat hit, we recommend flavours like coffee, chocolate – and tobacco. Nicotine salts also offer a way to vape higher nicotine e-liquids without that harsh hit at the back of your throat.