Is Vape69 compatible with any vaping device? 

Filling Vaping Device

Trying to figure out what kind of device you have and whether it can run on V69’s top of the line, affordable vape juice? We don’t blame you. We discuss all that and more in this simple guide to using V69 in your vape pen.

Is V69 e liquid compatible with any vape pen?

The first thing to know is which type of device is compatible with V69 e-liquid. Luckily, our bottled blends, known as free pour e-liquid, can be used in any open tank vaping device. 

How do I know what kind of device I have?

Generally, devices fall into two e-liquid systems: pods or free pour. Pod based systems run on (you guessed it) pods, which are pre-filled with a finite amount of vape juice and are thrown away when they’re empty. With open tank vaping devices, the device opens up to reveal a space for e-liquid to be added into the device itself – this is the tank. 

The key to knowing if you have an open tank device is that your vaping device opens up to be refilled rather than having to use pre-filled pods or cartridges. If you’re in any doubt, contact your e-cig manufacturer and they can tell you for sure.

If you have an open tank vaping device then you’re ready to fill your boots, and your pen, with V69 e-liquid. There’s plenty to choose from, so give our run down of the selection* a look if you need help narrowing it down.

Does V69 sell vaping devices?

We’re about vape juice. If we sold vape pens, they’d probably be the best in the world. However, we don’t currently stock any e-cig devices. We’re the go-to brand for safe, affordable and premium quality vape juice that’s compatible with any free-pour, open tank device. 

How do I refill my device with V69 e-liquid?

The way that an open tank vape pen is refilled varies from device to device, however in most cases it will involve unscrewing a top connector. This should come off to reveal access to the tank, which the dropper of the e-liquid free pour bottle can fit into. If you need a hand figuring out exactly how to top up your device with mouth-watering V69 liquids then read our guide here**, or give us a message*** – we’re always happy to chat. 

Tips and tricks for making refilling a breeze

  • Remember to clean out your device before refilling otherwise you risk mixing e-liquids!
  • Put a few drops directly onto the coil in order to make sure you don’t get a dry hit after refilling.
  • Don’t squeeze too hard! Keep your refill mess-free by regulating the flow of the vape juice. 
  • Look out for if your vape tank has an indicative line inside – don’t fill over this or you won’t be able to screw the device back together without making a mess.