Best Fruit Vape Juice Flavours 2023

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The best fruit vape juice in the UK at a cheap price!

Fruit vape juice flavours are one of the long standing OG’s in the vaping world. Whilst there may be various other categories of flavours in the vape juice sector, Fruit flavours will always reign supreme. 

When vaping first came about, tobacco vape juice and menthol vape juice were the only two choices people could get their hands on, which if you ask me is a bit dull! The introduction of Fruity flavours on to the market saw the popularity of vaping increase more due to people having more choice. 

At Vape69, we know how important variety is and we’ve created a large range of cheap UK made fruit flavoured e-liquid that will leave you spoilt for choice! And this list has been compiled to give you my opinions on the top 10 best Fruit flavour vape juice we have to offer at Vape69. 

Vape69 10ml Blue Raspberry Vape Juice

Blue Raspberry

A delicious flavour reminiscent of the slushy drinks. My go to vape juice! 

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Vape69 10ml Cherry Vape Juice


A flavour that’s a classic vape juice flavour. A strong natural cherry taste, with a sweet twist!

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Vape69 10ml Forest Fruits Vape Juice

Forest Fruits

A fantastic mix of berries combined to make a sweet fruity concoction that has been a favourite of mine for a while.

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Vape69 10ml Banana Vape Juice


I’m a big fan of the foam banana sweets that come in the penny chews and this vape juice is a near exact replica, so I’m a big fan of this too!

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Vape69 10ml Pineapple Vape Juice


A sharp but sweet natural tasting Pineapple vape juice. A flavour not often seen on the market from what I’ve seen!

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Vape69 10ml Hi-Zen Vape Juice


What would a Top 10 be without the OG fruity vape juice! Our take on a classic flavour, mixing berries and menthol to give a fantastic flavour!

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Vape69 10ml Grape Vape Juice


It’s hard to get a Grape flavour right, but this one is spot on. Rich, sweet Grape taste that has become one of my favourites in recent times!

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Vape69 10ml Peach Vape Juice


Another flavour that’s hard to get right but we’ve nailed this. Sweet refreshing Peach flavour that’s a long standing favourite of mine.

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Vape69 10ml Rainbow Vape Juice


A perfect mix of sweet and fruity flavours. Based on the sweets, it’s a real treat for the tastebuds every time I have a vape!

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Vape69 10ml Strawberry & Watermelon Vape Juice

Strawberry and Watermelon

A perfect mix of two sweet candy flavours to make one great tasting vape juice! A real contender for the top favourite vape juice!

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