10ml Disposable Vape Flavours You MUST Try

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Disposable Vapes are the latest fad to take the Vaping world by storm. People are buying these devices by the millions in the UK and for numerous different reasons. Some are enjoying the convenience factor involved with them, with no refilling of tanks or topping up of vape liquids.

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Speaking of Vape Liquids, this is one of the other main reasons why people are going mad for them. Every Disposable you see on the market today normally features a mouth watering concoction of delicious sounding fruits or confectionary themed flavours, and this is enough to lure people in.

But Disposable Vapes are not the most effective way to vape, nor are they sustainable for the environment due to the fact they cannot be recycled, more on this later on in this blog. We’ve created a range of flavours here at Vape69 which is modelled off the most popular flavours seen in Disposables and made a much more cost effective and sustainable option to experience these great flavours!

A 10ml bottle of Vape Bar Nic Salts will cost you less than 30% of the price of an Elf Bar and you’ll get 5 times the amount of vape juice!

Let’s look at what the top 5 10ml Disposable Vape Flavours are within our Vape Bar Nic Salt range, and look at how much you can save by opting to use these as well as doing your part to protect the earth by not adding more Disposable waste into landfills!

#1 – Apple & Peach

Apple Peach Vape Bar Nic Salts

This flavour is one of the best out of the whole Vape Bar Nic Salt range, and absolutely hits the spot if you’re looking for a fresh fruity concoction!

The perfect blend of juicy ripe apples paired with delicious sweet peach flavour make this vape juice really stand out!

#2 – Kiwi, Passion and Guava Ice

Kiwi Passion Guava Ice Vape Bar Nic Salts

This is probably my personal favourite out of the whole range, and as soon as you try it, you’ll understand why it is!

Absolutely bursting at the seams with flavour, this is packed full of rich tropical tasting Kiwi, Passionfruit and Guava with an icy kick to accompany, one to enjoy on the upcoming summer days for sure!

#3 – Peach Ice

Peach Ice Vape Bar Nic Salts

Another one that’s going to taste even better than it already does on a nice hot day, with a refreshing drink in hand.

Very close to the flavour of the fizzy peach ring sweets, this Peach Ice sounds simple, but it’s far from it with the amount of flavour you get every time you vape it!

#4 – Strawberry & Banana Ice

Strawberry Banana Ice Vape Bar Nic Salts

Our team of flavour experts have excelled themselves with this one, capturing a sweet candied strawberry flavour, mixed with a creamy almost foam banana flavour like the penny sweets you can get!

Paired up together they form an outstanding vape juice that will leave you wanting more. And they even chucked in an icy partner to make this the perfect blend!

#5 – Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice Vape Bar Nic Salts

Keeping in line with vape juices that will remind you of sweets, this Watermelon flavour is no exception! A super rich and sweet candied Watermelon flavour kicks this flavour into the top 5!

But don’t panic as it’s not overly sweet or rich, it’s just right which makes it a huge personal favourite for me. And the amount of ice is just right that will really cleanse your palette.

There are plenty more flavours within our Vape Bar Nic Salt ranges that are available to try. Check out our handy guide on all of the other flavours we offer, and which flavour of popular Disposable Vapes they are like!

Why Are Disposables Not A Cost Effective Way To Vape?

As mentioned at the top of this article, choosing to use Disposables such as Elf Bar or ELUX may seem convenient, but the cost of constant use of them will soon outweigh the convenience factor for sure.

Take Elf Bars for example. The average cost of one of these devices is around £6 per device. And within every device comes (approximately) 2ml of nicotine salt vape liquid. This isn’t that much really, and if you consider yourself a “heavy vaper” chances are 2ml will not see you through an entire day of vaping.

So you’ll be paying out £6 a day just to keep stocked up on Elf Bars, that’s £42 a week! Whereas opting to choose to use our range of Vape Bar Nic Salts, you get 10ml of premium quality, UK made Nicotine Salt vape liquid, and the best thing? It’s just over 1/4 of the price of an Elf Bar! 5 times the amount of vape liquid for a quarter of the price? It’s a no brainer!

discarded Disposable Vapes

How Are Disposables Harming The Environment?

If you didn’t already know the innards of a Disposable Vape, I’ll explain it now for you. Inside every device no matter what brand or make, it will contain a little wire coil, a wick, e-liquid and a lithium-ion battery which gives the device power. And it’s the last thing on the list there that’s causing the problems!

Due to the fact that these devices have a lithium-ion battery in, this rules them out from being put into the recycling bins and shipped off to recycling centres, despite it being primarily made up of plastic. With the way that things are processed in recycling plants, any pressure put onto these lithium-ion batteries could cause it to combust and lead to an injury of the workers or a fire within the plant.

Therefore, Disposables when finished with have to be put into the general waste, which is then shipped off to Landfills. And due to the current popularity of Disposables and the volume in which they’re being bought and used, it’s estimated that nearly 1.5 MILLION units a week are being dumped into landfill. Plastic can take up to 200 years to decay and decompose, so that’s a heck of a lot of plastic lurking around rotting into our planet with no rush to decompose.

So it’s worth thinking before you buy yourself another Disposable…is this really the most cost effective AND sustainable way to vape? Well, the answer to that question is no it certainly isn’t. But if you love the flavours of Disposable Vapes and don’t want to miss out, get yourself a refillable vape device and stock up on the flavours featured in our Vape Bar Nic Salts range, as you’ll soon see a very quick improvement on the money you’re saving as well as doing your bit to reduce harm to the environment we are all living in!

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