About our manufacturing and production

We take great pride in producing high quality and affordable vape juice for our customers. Learn more about the processes involved with manufacturing and producing our bottles of vape juice!

Vape 69 UK Mixing Lab


Once all of our materials we use in our vape juices have passed all necessary testing and quality control checks, they are then passed through to our production team, where they are included in making all of the great flavours that we have on offer here at Vape69

recipes are key

vape juice being mixed in barrel

All of our vape juices have specific recipes that have been created by our flavour experts, and these are followed and used to consistently make the same great tasting quality e-liquid

ISO-9001 Certified 

Vape69 Cleanroom & Mixing

We take great pride in the fact that our facility is ISO-9001 Certified . This is the same certification given to clean labs where Pharmaceuticals are made. 

bottling machine

Bottling and labelling

Once our high quality vape juice has been made, it is then passed through to our Production team who takes care of all bottling and labelling. And from here, it’s sent through to our warehouse for storing, before being picked and packed and sent to you!

Vape69 100ml Eliquid Shortfill Range with 10ml
Vape69 100ml Eliquid Shortfill Range
Vape69 Bottles
Vape69 10ml Vape Juice Range